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NEW Luxurious Men's Nektom Chronograph Gold Chain Wrist Watch (2022 Limited Edition)

This Is A Special Type Of Nektom Chain Watch which is very Limited and Luxurious. Typically, It’s sold to only those with a lot of affluence in the society. Reserved For Only The Rich And Famous and also for a Special Class Of Men who love standing out with their wrist watches. Only 45 pieces are produced annually and you are lucky you are seeing this today at this special-low price

With This Watch, You

  • Can Tell The Exact Time In Seconds, Minutes And Hours Using Its Dual-Chronographs
  • Can Easily See The Time In The Dark Using Its Illuminating Technology
  • Can Easily Easily See The Time From Far Using It’s Iced Time Indicator
  • Can Use It To Swim Because It Is Water Resistant
  • Can Set The Time To Another Timezone using the time knob
  • Can Get A Soothing Feeling When The Chain Laps Perfectly On Your Wrist
  • Can Stand A Chance To Win 5 Free Gifts Alongside This Watch If You Are One Of The First Lucky 10 To Order Today

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The Interior Of This Wrist Watch Was Tastefully Finished Using Some Of The Worlds Best Metals And Glass

You Can Clearly See The Time In The Night Using The luminous  Function

You Don’t Have To Bother About External Damage, Because This Watch Is Waterproof (Meaning You Can Use It To Swim), Scratch Proof (Meaning Nothing Can Scratch It); And Fireproof (Meaning It Can’t Be Burnt)

You Can Pass This Watch To Your Generations Below While Still Looking Very New Because The Chain Strap Doesn’t Fade

You Can “Precisely” Tell The Hour, Minute And Second At Every Given Time Of The Day Using The Perfectly Working Chronographs

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Normal Price = 500 GHS

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